Copper: A Brief History


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My name is Peter Obermark, and I started Copper in the summer of 2013 as a recording project for pop/rock/folk songs I have written over the past decade as a Cincinnati guitarist/singer.  Copper's debut disc--"Fade to White"--was released on June 13, 2014, and was produced and recorded by Matt Hueneman of Cattle Dog Productions. Copper's follow-up album, "The Devil You Know," was released on November 3, 2016, and was co-produced by Matt Huenemen and Chris Arduser.  I played rhythm guitar and sang lead vocals on most of the songs, and played some bass tracks as well.  Chris Arduser--a bonafide one-man band--played all of the drum and percussion tracks, as well as guitars (acoustic, electric, tenor and baritone), mandolin, and keyboards.  Matt Hueneman did all of the sound engineering, and added guitar and keyboard tracks as well.  All in all, the three of us had more fun making these records than is probably legal in Hamilton County, Ohio. 

Many other local musicians contributed time, talent and encouragement in the making of these albums: George Cunningham and Brian Lovely on lead guitars; Krystal Peterson, Kelly McCracken and Hallie Menkhaus on harmonies/backing vocals; Charlie Fletcher on piano, accordion, backing vocals and Hohner; Ben Walkenhauer and Randy Villars on horns; and Cincinnati bass legends Bob Nyswonger and Don Aren, who played a lot of the bass tracks.  (I even managed to snag Rob Fetters one day for a tasty guitar track on "The Daily Dead" for Copper's first album.) I could not, and would not have done it without these superbly gifted men and women.

It has been a long journey.  My goal is to write songs about love, longing, death, and the best of intentions gone horribly wrong--but set to guitar-driven melodies and dynamic rhythm lines that make them fun to listen to.   Most of the songs are about people I have met or known about in my nearly sixty years, and the stories are all true--though the names have been changed in some instances to protect the guilty. I hope you like the fruits of our collaboration.